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b2 Genital herpes outbreaks usually occur within 7 to 10 days causing extreme itching, burning blisters, and sores. To help reduce the incidence of genital herpes outbreaks, attempt using a number of these following alternative and natural treatments. Taking these alternative treatments will not mean avoiding prescribed or essential medicine for genital herpes. Try these treatments in addition to the medication.ultimate herpes protocol pdf 1

To efficiently reduce genital herpes outbreaks take Lysine but be certain to follow the quantity of recommended usage. Take 500 mg capsules of Lysine four times a day during the first three days of the outbreak. For the next four days, take 500 mg three times a day, then 500 mgs once a day for fourteen days, and after that take 500 mg three times a week for two weeks. The amino acid in lysine helps to control the symptoms of genital herpes. Lysine operates best if you take it regular and before and after an outbreak.

Prevent arginine, which promotes the herpes virus and its outbreaks and symptoms. Before and during an outbreak prevent taking any foods rich in arginine, for example whole-wheat, products, brown rice, oatmeal, chocolate, corn, dairy, raisins, nuts, and seeds. To help eliminate the outbreak of sores, try using some olive leaf infusion and prevent outbreaks if taken. Make sure to use an infusion with 20 percent oleuropein. For three weeks, take 500 mg of an olive leaf pill a day during the genital herpes outbreak.

Many doctors believe that genital herpes outbreaks happen because your body is under stress. The more trying you are, the more outbreaks you will have. To reduce outbreaks and anxiety, take the following nutritional supplements. Vitamin A – 25,000 iu a day for three days, then down to 20,000 a day for the next four days. Take 500 to 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C three times a day for three days, then 500 to 1000 milligrams a day for four days, and then 500 mgs twice or once a day for a week. Take 400 iu’s of vitamin E twice a day during the whole outbreak, then one 400 iu tablet a day for two weeks or the next one after the outbreak. Take 10 mgs of zinc twice a day for a week. Take 250 milligrams of magnesium twice a day for a month and 500 mgs of calcium.

As frequently mentioned, drink plenty of water to flush out bad bacteria and toxins from your body. Beverage at least 64 ounces of water a day. To help soothe the burning and itching of genital herpes outbreak, try taking some Goldenseal. Add enough water to the goldenseal powder to make a paste, then apply it generously to the sores four or three times a day for three days.

Take 350-500 mgs twice or once a day of Reishi mushrooms, which reduces the symptoms and frequency of the outbreaks and works to fight the virus. To strengthen your immune system and reduce genital herpes outbreaks, take a multivitamin daily and also take Siberian ginseng for one week every month to help fortify the immune system. Taking 500 milligrams twice a day of Probiotics will help prevent the heat from going to the genital region and causing herpes outbreaks and to reduce damp heat in the bowel. The good bacteria found in probiotics helps to decrease the heat that is moist.